#WeCanDoIt – internationellt upprop

Dear changemakers and leaders everywhere.

We can do it!

We, the undersigned, are the impatient optimists among business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, disruptors, innovators, scientists, influencers and policymakers worldwide.

We believe that our destiny is still in our hands. We believe that we need to get away from the blame game and the narrative of doom and gloom, and understand that we still hold in our grasp the power to create a greener, cleaner, and brighter tomorrow.

During the Second World War, people rose to the challenge to secure their freedom and future. We can do it was a campaign originally aimed at a group of female factory workers during that difficult period. Decades later the campaign took the form of a uniting slogan, encouraging everyone to step up and do their part to tackle difficult challenges – and to show that with grit, determination, and teamwork, it can be done.

Now, we will do the same. We will rise to the challenge to secure our own future, and the future of the generations to come. We can do it!

Ovan är ett utdrag ur det internationella upprop som initiativtagarna till “Politiker, sluta bromsa klimatomställningen” tagit och som ska lanseras under FN:s toppmöte Cop27 i Egypten den 17e november 2022. 

Är du företagsledare och vill underteckna?
GoClimate, WeDontHaveTime och FN (UNDP) ligger bakom uppropet. Om du driver eller jobbar på ett företag som vill skriva under uppropet, är forskare eller influencer, gå in på www.wecandoit.earth senast 16 november!

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